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Vietnam ranks third in terms of best experience travel in the world

(PLO) – TripAdvisor, a well-known travel company in the US specializing in providing travel related reviews. Recently, this site announced the top 10 countries with the best travel experience in the world.

Accordingly, Vietnam ranks third among the 10 countries with the best experience travel in the world published by TripAdvisor. At the same time, Vietnam is also the only representative of Asia to make this list.

This result is based on a combination of polls and evaluations by millions of tourists with travel experiences and activities in the countries they have visited.

In particular, Vietnam is highly regarded by tourists who have participated in cycling tours in the Mekong Delta last year.

International visitors enjoy cycling travel in Vietnam – Phôt from Zing

According to the list published, Costa Rica, the country is known for its beautiful nature with many unique buildings topped the list.

Ranked No. 2 is the country is named as the most ideal and worth living in the world, New Zealand. Ireland is ranked fourth thanks to its cultural richness and many interesting outdoor activities. Scotland is ranked fifth by majestic landscapes and diverse travel experiences for international travelers. Loch Lomond, West Highland plateau, Kye Island, … are unique Scottish experiences.

Australia is ranked 6th with wild beauty that is neglected but strange and unique. Portugal is ranked 7th by landscapes and ancient cities are always attracting tourists to enjoy and explore. The other three countries are Mexico, the United States, the ninth, the Netherlands, the tenth.

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