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KeyOn Platform – The Buddy for Foreign Visitors to Vietnam

KeyOn Services are initiated by our Founders from their experiences as a foreigner traveler in multiple countries. We understand that each of us, as a foreinger traveler, to a new country have difficulties which cause inconvenience and even dollars. Thus, KeyOn develop its first elements of its platform is 4G Carry Wifi rental and audio/video IP-based call functions within KeyOn Application. Our team is also available to receive your calls just in case you need instant support with daily activities. For more complicated occurance, we help you to report to authorities and/or propose to consult respective professional expert.
KeyOn Buddy @ Ho Chi Minh Innovative Startups in Tourism 2018 – HIST

The slogan “Key on Pleasure” implies the thought of building KeyOn platform is pragmatic, sincere, and trustworthy. We would expect our digital-based platform with KeyOn friends will bring good memories of Vietnam country-people-culture to beloved visitors.
Currently, two components of the platform have been deployed in our mobile applications. KeyOn implements function (i) through the rental of 4G SIM card (KeyOn Carry Wifi) with superior battery life, size, and package. KeyOn builds service (ii) by integrating free Internet chatting and calling (via KeyOn Carry Wifi). As a result, customers always have the Internet to connect with their family / colleagues / friends while traveling in Vietnam and contact KeyOn whenever they need assistance. KeyOn is the visitors’ “in-phone” buddy, even foreigner travelers do not know a local friend before their Vietnam trip.

Based on this foundation, KeyOn selects local suppliers for travel services (restaurants, airfares, tours, sightseeing tickets, souvenirs …). Thus, tourists spend less time searching while still have peace of mind for the trip. Using KeyOn platform, Tourists also have the opportunity to enjoy incentives, promotions from service providers. In addition, KeyOn builds a self-service travel planning built into the application based on points of interest, local services, and selective providers in its platform.

In the future, KeyOn plans to create a cultural exchange environment for foreign students to Vietnam. Students will be in “real homestay” with local families, experience life in Vietnam while complete the credit requirement of their program.

KeyOn @ HCMC 2018